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Impression Spam % | CTR % changed to Impression Spam %

This has been reported by several Adsense users that they have noticed a change in CTR % to Impression Spam %. So in this article, we are going to discuss it that why is it so and what next to do? What is Impression Spam %? Why CTR % changed to Impression Spam %?

So We will like to say you to, first of all, relax as many of you might be worried.

What is Impression Spam % or percent?

So this nothing new for Adsense as it is the same CTR % but with a new name so you need not worry. Adsense has brought new metrics update which will be observed by 4th of may 2018 to its user. So if you are also observing something change in Adsense metrics then need not worry about it and comment it below for the answer.

impression spam %

Updated impressions metrics for AdSense

Adsense officially reported that user may notice some type of changes in their Adsense report. But yes user need not worry about their earning as it will be same.

What’s changing? 

Over the last year, to remain consistent with these standards, we have transitioned our ad serving platforms from served impressions to downloaded impressions. Served impressions are counted at the point that we find an ad for an ad request on the server. Downloaded impressions are counted for each ad request once at least one of the returned ads has begun to load on the user’s device. Starting today, publishers will see updated metrics in AdSense that reflect this change.

As example:

If someone clicks your ads and closes the tab before the ad page could open or by chance ads does not load then it will not be counted. So Adsense has also mentioned that some of its users may see a decrease in their income. But this should not happen.

The conclusion of Impression Spam %

You need not worry about this as this is one of the updates by Google Adsense.

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